Rolls-Royce - Cellarette

$57,684.00 $88,105.21

Inspired by Rolls Royce’s long-established history of beautifully-designed, precision-engineered hosting equipment, the Cellarette is a humidor, drink chest and glassware storage unit. Its name pays homage to the intricately crafted wooden cabinets for storing drinks that were found in the homes of the wealthy as early as the 15th century.

This beautiful combination of machined metal parts and handcrafted detailing presents cigars, a cutter and lighter, spirits of your choosing and crystal glasses. A snack-bowl configuration is available for non-smokers.

At the push of a button, the humidor tray rotates, opening to present cigars. Glasses with Rolls Royce branding are offered in a similar outward rotation, and a table-top, and side hammocks with ash-tray spurs, or porcelain snack-bowls for non smokers, and a bottle-holder emerge.

Price excludes installation*

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