Lamborghini - Urus Lamborghini Eye 2.0 Dashcam

$1,499.00 $2,054.50

Lamborghini EYE 2.0 is the new and improved Universal Traffic Recorder developed for Urus models and branded Automobili Lamborghini. The dashcam device is equipped with a two-full QHD wide-angle camera that continuously records what happens around the vehicle, whether the

car is in motion or parked. Thanks to the new dedicated EYE 2.0 App, the user can download the recorded footage and view it directly from their mobile device.

Version 2.0 improvements include:

• New, dedicated EYE 2.0 Smartphone App

• Improved resolution of both on-board cameras

• Memory Card storage increased from 8Gb to 32GB

Price excludes installation*

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